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We know that writing a book can be a solitary process. That's why at AuthorAssist, we turn it into a joyful collaboration--celebrating your creativity and integrity for your book ideas--and using our expertise to help bring your material to a high standard that reflects you--as a successful writer.

Got a great book idea, but not sure how to start writing it...or even if it's worth writing?

Our Getting Started package is ideal for you. We guide you through 15 exercises to determine the marketability of your book...before you write a single word. The result is your personal guidebook for writing your book, complete with a draft title, book cover, and table of contents--and most important--a marketing strategy. The Getting Started package has proven to be very popular with professionals seeking to write a nonfiction book to enhance their businesses and consulting services. Your book is your ticket to recognition and visibility.
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Not sure if your book is any good?

Even though your friends and family love your book, you want to make sure it's really up to par, That's where our most popular service, the manuscript review comes into play.We read your entire manuscript, word for word, and comment on all aspects, from plot and character development to structure and style. Your review will tell you if your book is any good--and how to make it even better.
E-mail the complimentary feedback form along with sample pages of your work.

Your book is finished. Congratulations! Now what? Traditional publishing or self-publishing?

Nothing could be more confusing than today's publishing world. Should you decide to publish traditionally we help you write that compelling query letter and synopsis--query materials that get literary agents' attention and have them asking for more. For nonfiction, we guide you in writing that comprehensive nonfiction proposal agents expect, focusing on the all-important marketing section. Even if you have been rejected by literary agents/publishers, we can show you how to breathe new life into your book.
E-mail the complimentary feedback form along with sample pages of your work.

Perhaps you've decided to self-publish. How do you choose from the mind-boggling self-publishing options--POD, e-book for the Kindle, iPad, mobile phones, And what about branding and positioning your book? We help with all stages of self-publishing your book. With AuthorAssist, you avoid useless services and scams. We help you choose and manage your self-publishing strategy
E-mail the complimentary feedback form along with sample pages of your work.

Why choose AuthorAssist?

For more than 10 years, AuthorAssist has helped hundreds of writers realize their publishing dreams. It would be a privilege to work with you. When you become a client, you will find that we honor your creativity and integrity. We work as a coach--collaborating with you to improve your writing skills while adhering to our philosophy. Our clients say it best.

Don't think about it another minute!

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E-mail the complimentary feedback form along with sample pages of your work.

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"Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task." ... William James

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