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From Patricia Benesh, Ed.D

It’s never too late to believe in yourself and become an enlightened wordsmith.

In my 25 years coaching writers, I’ve seen astounding changes in the publishing world: self publishing ease and marketing via social media. And now we have AI, artificial intelligence via platforms like ChatGPT. While others are horrified by the potential plagiarism, copyright infringement, and proliferation of bias and fake news, I’m excited for the potential regarding creative writers. Like any research tool, you will use AI responsibly and ethically.

AI for Creative Writers: Brainstorming with the Bot covers the safe and ethical use of AI. Beyond that, is the incredible use of AI, as you learn how to structure your queries, your prompts. Like other computer programs, AI is susceptible to “garbage in, garbage out.” So learning how to create artful prompts based on your creative writing material is key to your success.

The workbook provides a framework for brainstorming with the bot based on the building blocks of your creative writing material: genre, setting, plot, character, style, and pace. See numerous examples based on classic novels in the public domain. Learn how to create prompts unique to your material. Your overall skill level will improve as you collaborate with the bot. The power is in your prompt.

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From Reluctant Writer to Enlightened Wordsmith focuses on your belief system and upgrading your creative writing skills. How do you change and overcome your reluctance? By making a 14-day commitment to finish this workbook. Read the content, complete the exercises, and take the pledge to continue writing. Think of this workbook as a microcosm of your writing project. Develop the skills, organization, daily writing habits and attitude that will lead to your writing success.,

The workbook takes a practical approach, starting on Day 1 with the two-week calendar that guides you step by step to:

  • assess the cause(s) of your reluctance,
  • build confidence in your writing skills,
  • your habits and organization with your writing goals, and
  • develop a positive attitude and identity as a writer.

The major sections: assessment, skills, organization, attitude, are sub-divided into topics. Each topic starts with an introduction and shows the exercise goals for the day, normally one or two exercises. With the 30+ exercise pages, you build your writing muscles, practicing and adopting the novel approaches to your own material and writing style. It does not matter what material you are tackling: fiction, nonfiction, one story, a scene, a chapter, or an entire book. Apply this workbook to any material.

The two-week calendar guides you through the topics and practice pages to develop:

  • methods for overcoming your writing reluctance,
  • a mega-view of your material and new writing skills,
  • an enhanced writing environment and process,
  • a personal calendar with your daily writing goals,
  • an improved attitude and commitment to write,
  • a plan for continued accountability.

With improved skills, organization, and attitude, you become a writer ignited with new clarity, confidence, and commitment.

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