You are dedicated to succeeding with your book and are willing to take the time to develop a fanbase/readership. You want to publish your book in a timely manner with complete control over its contents, looks, and distribution.

Think about:

  • Pre-publication: Branding, positioning, developmental editing, copy editing, proofing

  • Nuts and Bolts: Imprint name, ISBN, copyright, LCCN.

  • Interior and Cover design: custom

  • Format: hardback; softback; e-book

  • Distribution: wide-Ingram, Amazon, B&N, etc.

  • Promotion: author/business web site, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, professional/other related professional sites; expert articles/guest blogs, preliminary PR for endorsements and reviews

  • Web traffic: Page rank and readership development

Maybe you are focused on using your book to build and to establish yourself as an expert in your field or your want to dazzle readers with your story. You know that quality is paramount and want to work with the best professionals to publish your book.

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