Your First Five Pages: Quick Writing Checkup

You have five pages to prove you are a writer with potential. What to avoid? The common mistakes of new writers: point-of-view switches, logic holes, overwriting, murkiness, passive voice, excess exposition, repetitions, stilted language, and overuse of adverbs and adjectives. Learn how to start your manuscript.

Send us the first five pages of your manuscript to review. We’ll e-mail an evaluation citing strengths and weaknesses, with specific examples and suggestions for your next steps.

Don’t be bewildered! An objective review can get you moving toward fantastic writing.

Cost: $US55.

Learn how to start your manuscript:

1. E-mail Us About Your Book

2. We’ll send you information about how to submit your five pages and payment.

3. We begin the work as soon as we get your file and payment.

4. We e-mail your review within five days.

Should you opt for a full manuscript review, we will credit the $55 fee.