Realize, if you’re approaching agents and/or publishers with a nonfiction book, they expect a comprehensive book proposal. It is important to understand the critical role of the nonfiction book proposal as your sales tool.

You must write a proposal that convinces a literary agent and, subsequently an editor, your book is worth publishing. Your agent will submit the proposal to editors who will use it as a selling tool to convince other decision makers at their publishing houses to invest in your book. These other decision makers include the senior editorial staff, plus members of the sales, marketing and publicity departments. Since sales and marketing departments have significant input in the decision, your proposal must be convincing as to the book’s commercial viability. In addition you will need a query letter and bio. We can help you develop these materials.

The Proposal Development Package involves a collaborative process resulting in a comprehensive nonfiction proposal, and polished query letter.

Here’s how the Proposal Development Package works:

1. The proposal: we’ll send you instructions on preparing/revising the proposal. We’ll work on specific sections at a time. As you finish sections, we’ll review them and make suggestions for changes and edits. All work is via the Internet at your pace and schedule.

2. Sample chapter (s): we’ll tackle the chapter(s) in the same manner — review, suggestions, and edits.

3. Query letter and bio: We’ll send instructions/samples and you will write/revise the letter and bio. We’ll make comments/edits until we’re sure both are compelling.

4. We identify agents and strategize your approach. We e-mail customized and targeted contact information for agents interested in your genre.

Cost: We offer an affordable package based on the length and complexity of your proposal.

If you have already written your nonfiction manuscript or proposal, we will be happy to ensure your information is presented in a logical, comprehensive, and clear manner. We will check for content to address the following question

    • Are the overall theme and major point(s) fully developed?

    • Are the underlying topics fully developed?

    • Does the information flow in a logical manner?

    • Is the content depth appropriate for the target audience?

    • Is the writing style appropriate for the target audience?

    • What revisions are necessary?

    1. We provide a report answering the above and any other concerns you may have about your proposal or nonfiction manuscript. In the report, we provide suggestions for correcting the weak areas. For example, we may suggest adding new adding topics, revising current topics, re-sequencing material, elaborating on material, and/or cutting repetitious material

Here’s what our clients say about our proposal editing services;

You were invaluable in helping me see my project through from the earliest stages to publication. You read my manuscript with an impartial thoughtfulness and with intelligence. You made helpful suggestions for change and aided me to implement them. Your editing was always for the improvement of the work.

When it was time to find an agent and a publisher, you helped me along every step of the way. You never gave me false hope but provided gentle encouragement. Your opinions were always wise! Now that my book has been published and is receiving the positive comments of others, I truly know it couldn’t have been done without you.

Sharon Romm, MD, Seattle, WA, author of Dating After 50 , published by Quill Driver Books.

Trish, I received the final version of the nonfiction proposal and it looks great. I can’t thank you enough for your help. I see now that although I think I’m a pretty good writer, I didn’t know jack crap about writing a proposal. I cringe at the thought of sending my original draft to my prospective agent. Thank goodness I came to you. Very impressive. … And now I’ve been signed by a top New York literary agent.

Jon Ibrahim, Chicago, IL, author of Chicago Tribune Redeye column, “The Sex Playbook”

Thank you for the attention and detail you gave in editing my nonfiction proposal and query letter. My book topic is esoteric and not generally known or understood. You rewrote the complex subject matter so the reader has an immediate and clear grasp of the concepts — including the market viability of the book. I appreciated your prompt and courteous service and your willingness to address all of my questions and concerns. Your expertise and integrity show in the service you provide.

Kevin Noon, Ph.D., Evergreen, CO

I am thankful to have found you.You are very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. It’s a miracle really. There are so many sources of information available today, it”s difficult to sort through them all. But I have to say again, how much your help is appreciated. I look forward to working with you now and in the future

NR, Dallas, TX

Your method and work are remarkable, uplifting, and motivating.

PD, Denver, CO

I appreciate the honest words. I like your style and find interacting with you was pretty cool. I do not give many compliments, man. Thanks for the shove. Thanks for the help.

SS, Joliet IL

I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me! Your editing has made my nonfiction proposal much more readable. You have been very professional and have done a tremendous job. Whenever I need assistance I’ll be contacting you.

MJ, Tacoma, WA

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