So you want to get published traditionally–by a large, mainstream publisher. You’ve spent years, months, or perhaps only weeks, pouring out your heart, your ideas onto the page. Your manuscript is great–says your family–and your friends like it too. Way to go! Or is it? Is your material really ready? Is it commercially viable? Does it have a chance? Or should you figure on self-publishing right away? Based on your publishing goals, AuthorAssist helps you strategize the best course of action for your manuscript.

The first step in traditional publishing is to get a literary agent to represent your book. Knowing that literary agents get 100+ queries a week (nearly 5000 a year), how do you get your query materials to stand out? How do you write with the sizzle to hook an agent? What’s expected in the letter? What should be in the synopsis? Is the manuscript really good enough?We can help you determine the status and prospects of your manuscript.

We understand your doubts, your hopes, and your dreams so we make the agent search process as painless as possible with our Query/Synopsis Development Package. Our collaborative process results in a polished query letter, compelling synopsis, agent list and contact directions. and, access to our agent search expertise 24/7.

Here’s how it works:

1. Synopsis: We’ll send instructions for writing the synopsis. You’ll write/revise the synopsis and e-mail the draft(s). We’ll make comments/edits until we’re sure the synopsis is stellar.

2. Query letter: We’ll send instructions/samples and you will write/revise the letter and e-mail the draft(s). We’ll make comments/edits until we’re sure the letter is compelling.

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