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Want to get your book published?
How Much Do Your Know About the Publishing Biz?

If you're thinking about getting your book published, it's a good idea to have some knowledge of the industry. So try your luck at it below.
  1. What percentage of Americans say they want to write a book?

  2. 94%

  3. How many Americans actually are working on “The Great American Novel?”

  4. 3 million
    100 million
    50 million
    14 million

  5. How many new titles are published each year in the US by traditional publishers?

  6. 1 million
    195 thousand
    29 thousand
    700 thousand

  7. Of those new titles, 70% will sell FEWER than:

  8. 500 copies
    25 copies
    100 copies
    300 copies

  9. With traditional publishing, what royalty should you expect on the retail price of the book?

  10. 95%

  11. How much of your royalty goes to your literary agent?

  12. 95%

  13. Do the math: with standard price of a $26 novel, after paying your literary agent, how much would your earn?

  14. $22.10

  15. With self-publishing, how much of the retail price of the book do you earn?

  16. 25%
    Depends on your distributor and vendor choice.

  17. After billionaire J.K.Rowling (Harry Potter), the current next highest annual earning author is:

  18. James Patterson
    Stephenie Meyer
    Stephen King
    Tom Clancy

  19. The best option to take with your unpublished manuscript is to:

  20. Self-publish with Amazon, PubIt, or Smashwords
    Become your own publisher
    Send it to a literary agent or publisher
    Get guidance from AuthorAssist

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