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... ... Working with you has been like taking an intense class on story mechanics. I've really enjoyed the one-on-one working relationship -- especially the convenience of e-mail. I have taken numerous creative college writing classes at local colleges and attended writing workshops and I can honestly say I have never received such professional help as you have provided.

James Wray, San Diego, CA, author of award-winning "Dark Toast" published in the West Wind Review

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Is Your Manuscript Ready?

Your First Five Pages:  Quick Writing Checkup

You have five pages to prove you're a writer with commercial potential. Be sure you avoid the common mistakes of new writers: point-of-view switches, logic holes, overwriting, murkiness, passive voice, excess exposition, repetitions, stilted language, and overuse of adverbs and adjectives.

Send us the first five pages of your manuscript to review. We'll e-mail an evaluation citing strengths and weaknesses, with specific examples and suggestions for your next steps.

Don't be bewildered! An objective review can get you moving toward fantastic fiction writing.

Cost: $US55.

Here's how it works:

1. E-mail a file of your first five pages. (Use standard format of Times New Roman 12 pt, DOUBLE-SPACED, 1-inch margins.)

2. Mail your $55 check payable to:
1109 Oliver Avenue, #1
San Diego, CA 92109

3. We begin the work as soon as we get your check.

4. We e-mail your review within five days.

Should you opt for a full manuscript review, we will credit the $55 fee.


Is Your Manuscript Ready?

The Manuscript Review (Substantive Editing)

Whether you are on your first, second, third or final draft, we help keep your writing focused and moving in the right direction.

As we read your manuscript, we take note of the critical aspects of writing:

  • structure
  • plot
  • setting
  • character development
  • voice
  • dialogue
  • motivation
  • logic
  • point of view
  • continuity
  • pace
  • veracity of facts
  • word usage
  • tone
  • your specific concerns about your writing

In your e-mail report, you'll find suggestions on how to improve common problems such as overwriting, unclear writing, use of passive voice, and exposition. You'll see where you have repeated words, used stilted language, or overused adverbs and adjectives. Best of all, the rewritten sample passages from your manuscript will show you how to turn bewildering passages into marvelous prose.

Your 10+ page report will be like an entire course on writing -- all of it applied to your manuscript.

Cost: Based on the length of the manuscript (number of words or double-spaced pages).

To get started, complete our convenient form or e-mail us the following information:

  • the working title
  • the specific genre, e.g. mystery, memoir, how-to, children's fiction/nonfiction, etc.
  • the stage you've reached in the project, i.e. first, second, third draft
  • the total number of words (Hint: open the document in MS Word, click TOOLS, WORD COUNT)
  • any concerns you have about your work/li>
  • anything else we should know about your project


Traditional Publishing-- The Query/Synopsis/Agent Search Package

So you want to get published. You've spent years, months, or perhaps only weeks, pouring out your heart, your ideas onto the page. Your manuscript is great--says your family--and your friends like it too. Way to go! Or is it? Is your material really ready? Is it commercially viable? Does it have a chance? Or should you figure on self-publishing right away? Based on your publishing goals, AuthorAssist helps you strategize the best course of action for your manuscript.

Knowing that literary agents get 100+ queries a week (nearly 5000 a year), how do you get your query materials to stand out? How do you write with the sizzle to hook an agent? What's expected in the letter? What should be in the synopsis? Is the manuscript really good enough?We can help you determine the status and prospects of your manuscript.

We understand your doubts, your hopes, and your dreams so we make the agent search process as painless as possible with our Query/Synopsis Development Package. Our collaborative process results in a polished query letter, compelling synopsis, agent list and contact directions. and, access to our agent search expertise 24/7.

Here's how it works:

1. Synopsis: We'll send instructions for writing the synopsis. You'll write/revise the synopsis and e-mail the draft(s). We'll make comments/edits until we're sure the synopsis is stellar.

2. Query letter: We'll send instructions/samples and you will write/revise the letter and e-mail the draft(s). We'll make comments/edits until we're sure the letter is compelling.

3. Agent search: We e-mail customized and targeted contact information regarding agents interested in your genre. For the literary agent directories, those agents who have made recent sales are listed first, followed by those who live in the major metropolitan areas for book publishing, followed by those living outside of the major areas. Instead of being overwhelmed, you will  know exactly where to begin -- with the top selling agents interested in your genre.

You will be e-mailed 15 Tips for Getting on the Fast Track to Agents -- step-by-step directions for contacting agents efficiently and effectively. More on the Agent Directory

Plus: As a client, you have access to our expertise 24/7 as questions arise about the agenting process.

To get started, complete our convenient form or e-mail us the following information:

Getting your book published: Our clients talk about our fiction writing services ...

Trish, Your review of my manuscript dazzled me with its clarity. Your writing is direct, pithy, to-the-point, and professional. Thank you for your concrete suggestions for improvement, your keen observation of details, and your comprehensive list of remedies. Well done!I will use your suggestions. I accept them in good faith. Your work is worth every penny of its price. A great value! With sincere thanks,

Steve Barley, New York

Wow. I went over your edits to my story this weekend. I am extremely happy with the editing you have done. It does have much more punch and gusto now. Working with you has been like taking an intense class on story mechanics. I've really enjoyed the one-on-one working relationship -- especially the convenience of the Internet and e-mail. I honestly thank God I read about you in the San Diego Union-Tribune. I have taken numerous creative writing classes at local colleges and I've attended a couple of writing workshops and I can honestly say I have never received such professional help on any of my work as you have provided. Thanks a million.

James Wray, San Diego, author of award-winning "Dark Toast" published in the West Wind Review

Trish, I want you to know the dollars I spent for your manuscript review were dollars very well spent. As you said early on, it is a lesson in writing. I am still digesting the curriculum and probably will be for some time into the future. There are a few other areas in which we differ, but all-in-all, I'm very pleased with the review and will take ALL of your suggestions into consideration. You're truly great at what you do and ANY author will benefit from his/her contact with you.

Don Martin, Bellevue, WA

I'm amazed that I could continuously work on this book and, line by line, taking my time, see how I could slice a word or phrase here and there, to the benefit of not only pace but impact of meaning. I have truly learned more in this work triggered by your help than in 20+ years and four prior novels. The passion and dexterity I have down; but it's really more about craft.

Richard Alther, Ferrisburgh, VT

Trish, I received the review and I was excited to receive it and you did a wonderful job. I must admit I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed too. There is so much to do and I'm hoping that I can get this manuscript to being where it needs to be. Thanks also for the encouraging quotes, I needed that. I'm going to go over one page at a time though and do this, no rushing and thinking about finishing as I usually do. There is still much I need to learn as a writer, so thanks again for your wonderful review.

Jeanine DeHoney, Pennsylvania

I've received a very thorough and highly professional critique which has turned my idea of what constitutes a publishable novel right on it's head. I suppose that, like me, most new writers consider the step from writing a novel to having it accepted by a publisher to be a mere walk in the park. But your review has radically changed my views on that score. And I thank you for it. Let me assure you that I am truly happy with what you have done for me. I wanted only an unbiased assessment of what I had written and I received not only that but a whole lot more. I expected something good - what I got was something truly outstanding.

IM,Milnerton, South Africa

If it weren't for you and your honest feedback and critique of my material, I never would have gotten this far so quickly. I applaud your business ethics. You could have told me the material was great, good luck, and thanks for the fee. That wasn't the case. You instructed me to how rewrite the manuscript. You have changed my life and I thank you.

VS, Cincinnati, OH

I spent more than two hours thinking about and integrating your comments. I was especially pleased with your helping me pick up the pace--which is very important.It helped to have some positive comments. You really read this stuff carefully. Great example of paying attention to EVERY detail! Thanks.

ST, San Diego, CA

Your review was extremely educational. It was like taking a complete course in fiction writing.

JR Lake Barrington, IL

 I want to thank you for helping me make my story the best it can be. It is a tremendous help to have  someone physically point out my mistakes. I love the way you use examples.

JG, Bluffdale, UT

I appreciate your thorough, perceptive suggestions regarding my manuscript for young adolescents. I will be working on your suggestions for the rewrite. I feel that your comments are accurate and extremely helpful. Thank you for your expertise. I hope to make this into a book that actually gets published

Sally Landaker, Montague, CA

Trish, I just read your review and have to say that it is quite helpful--it's exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to add the changes to my manuscript and hopefully it will turn out much better. I would alsolike to send the revised manuscript to you when it's ready. I'll let you know.

Christiana DeFoe,Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thank you so much for your review of my memoir! It's very helpful and informative. It gives me a clear method for approaching a re-write. I also appreciate your style suggestions; I hadn't realized how many times I'd included repetitions and awkward phrasing. After re-reading the manuscript during these last two weeks, I agree with your comments about continuity, timelines, and balance. I also like how you complimented the strengths in my writing and story. I have great respect your analysis. I'm definitely going to recommend your services to a friend who's working on a novel and looking for advice. And I plan to seek your help once again after finishing my re-write.

MP, Los Angeles, CA

Your critique of my novel is awesome. Iíve instituted a rewrite for the most glaring errors. After revising the first two chapters Iím excited. Iíve learned a lot and now question every sentence in the manuscript. Revision, rewriting, and honing are tough, but youíre right, they are necessary steps to professionalism. Your notes are without equal. You perform a wonderful service.

TGC, Lake City, FL

I have had the chance to go over your critique and I'm (painfully) pleased at your insight and the critical points you've made. At least I'm consistent in my mistakes, if nothing else. Also, thank you for your supportive comments. I think you've done a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the situation.

JS, Highland Village, TX


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