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Agent Directory Online Order Form

Our literary agent directory is better than outdated print literary agent directories and free online lists because it is customized and targeted. It shows you where to begin your search for an agent.

The database is organized by genre, there are 15 fiction categories and 28 nonfiction categories; custom categories can be created. The information is updated weekly to capture research on recent agent sales. For each genre, agents are listed by priority. Those who have made recent sales are listed first, followed by those who live in the major metropolitan areas for book publishing, followed by those living outside of the major areas. Instead of being overwhelmed, you will know exactly where to begin -- with the top selling agents interested in your manuscript type.

A purchase entitles you to 15 Tips for Getting on the Fast Track to Agents and a strategy consultation via e-mail.

We know how time consuming, expensive, and disappointing it can be to go through the traditional methods of agent search. We've developed strategies for streamlining the approach and making it more efficient. We want to put you on the fast track to getting an agent.

Check the category that describes your manuscript. Your custom directory will show the top-selling agencies first, along with contact persons, mailing addresses, telephone/fax/e-mail/web addresses (as available). The numbers in parentheses are the approximate number of agents in each category to be included in your directory and are subject to change.

Your directory will include 15 Tips for Getting on the Fast Track to Agents. We offer a strategy consultation via e-mail with your directory order. You will receive information upon completion of your transaction.

Complete the form below and choose one of our payment options to complete your transaction. You will receive your directory via e-mail within a day or two of receipt of your payment.

Want complimentary feedback on your query materials? We'll take a look at your query materials and offer some general feedback at no cost or obligation to you. Use the form below. For FICTION: Copy/paste your query letter and synopsis and the first ten double-spaced pages of your material into a new document file and save it with a new name (for example: YOURLASTNAME SAMPLE). For NONFICTION: Copy/paste your query letter, your entire proposal, and one sample chapter. into a new document file and save it with a new name (for example: YOURLASTNAME SAMPLE) Please do not send your entire manuscript file. NOTE: We do not handle poetry.


(Number of agents--shown in parentheses--is subject to change.)

Action/adventure/western (100)
Children's (43)/Juvenile (50)
Commercial/mainstream/trade (225)
Fantasy (95)
Gay/Lesbian (65)
Historical (104)
Horror (57)
Literary (161)
Mystery/suspense (154)
Romance (100)
Science Fiction (78)
Thriller/espionage (148)
Western (47)
Women's (87)
Young adult/juvenile (76)

Animals/pets/zoology (65)
Archeology/anthropology (68)
Business/economics/finance/investing (142)
Children’s/juvenile (94)
Cooking/food/nutrition (93)
Criticism/literature/language (61)
Ethnic/multicultural/race (94)
Gay/lesbian (53)
Health/fitness/medicine (148)
History/social science/military (156)
How-to/consumer (101)
Humor/satire/cartoon (67)
Investigative/controversial/true crime (115)
Nature/environment/ecology (95)
Parenting/child guidance/child care (104)
Politics/current affairs/international/law (163)
Performing arts/music/dance (75)
Pop culture (118)
Psychology/relationships/ sexuality (126)
Self-help/self-improvement (149)
Spirituality/religion/New Age/inspiration (91)
Sports/recreation (71)
Sports/recreation (71)
Textbooks/scholarly works/reference (33)
Travel (40)
Women's issues/feminism (147)

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(Hint: Open your entire document in MS Word, click TOOLS, WORD COUNT. In WordPerfect, click FILE, PROPERTIES, INFORMATION.)
2. Specific genre?, i.e. romance, mystery, thriller, business, self-help, etc.:
3. How many drafts have you written?

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4. Has your material been professionally critiqued? Yes No

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6. Has your material been rejected by literary agents/publishers? Yes No

7. What are your concerns about your material?
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Payment Options: Each directory is $US100. Number of directories: Total amount due:
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Credit card through PayPal.com, Account: pbenesh@authorassist.com

Check payable to: AuthorAssist, 1109 Oliver Ave. #1, San Diego, CA 92109

We process your order within 48 hours of payment receipt.

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